DIY Canvas painting can be done on your blank walls. It will look wonderful with art works and paintings. Paintings bought and hung on the walls are impersonal and do not say anything about the home owners taste. To give a real dose of personality to your home, consider canvas printing. The canvas painting on your wall is fun and simple. It does not require great skills and can be taken as a weekend project. To begin with:

  • Dip you kid’s hands in paint and fill a small wall piece with colored hand prints. Ensure they are in good combination colors, it will look amazing and the warmth spreads all over the house as it has your kid’s lovely hand prints.
  • You can make use of instruments that are at home such as leaves, lemons, corn, balloons, anything for that matter. Do not stop the paint brush. Try spray painting or use your hands. The important aspect is to transform your work into a sweet memory and to have fun.
  • Painting words such as smile or love in different colors or on a background patch done in different color also ensure your DIY canvas painting is at its best.
  • Use fruits and cut it into half and dip it in different colors and put it on the canvas. This canvas painting looks amazing. It is also a simple work and can be done effortlessly.
  • Draw a leaf or take a leaf and dip it in colors and put it on the canvas. It will look perfect.
    Just try hand painting of your family members on the canvas. Involve everyone in the family to give their family print, so that it will overlap one another and in different colors look cute. It looks pleasing anytime you see the DIY canvas painting.