Buying or gifting personalized diy cups are a way of making your loved ones feel truly connected. You can buy pre-made mugs and they are easily available online now, but if you wish to gift to your love, your parents or even your friends, you can make it special with handmade cups.

Actually making diy cups is eco-friendly and also inexpensive project. These add to the benefit as they are dishwasher safe. Begin by collecting plain white cups or mugs. The plain cups come for less and so initiate the first step with this purchase.

The next step is to get the supplies such as:

  1. Pen
  2. scissors
  3. Print out of the initials
  4. Black Pebeo Porcelaine Pen with fine point
  5. Graphite transfer paper
  6. tape

The third step is to cut out the initials in the transfer papers and tape the initial on the cups. Trace the initials perfectly using a pencil or pen and you just require a outline in light shade. You can rub a graphite pencil over a plain paper sheet.

The fourth step is to take out the Porecelaine pen and to work on the initials trace lines. Make the edges thick and nice and fill it with sketchy diagonal strokes. Few important tips:

  • Keep the strokes in one direction, it looks best.
  • Check the Porcelaine pen and ensure it offers smooth strokes.
  • Test the paint pen, so keep a blank paper handy. This practice helps

Once done with the initials allow the cups for 24 hours to sit in a corner as the fifth step. This has to be baked for 35 minutes at 300 degrees. Use graphite residue to bake. You will notice that the graphite gets wiped off after the baking is done.

Finally, pull it out of the oven, wipe them, fill it with goodies and your diy cups are ready.