Flower planters and pots are the favorite of most people, regardless of the space one has. One thing is straight that all of us know that party decorating is costly. You can try your hand using vintage things. These vintage items can be your tin cans or old tires to be your diy flower pots.

There are incredible ideas you turn vintage things into beautiful and amazing flower planters and pots. These are cheap and simple to make. Here are few ideas of diy flower pots to follow and decorate your surroundings. In this way, you can keep your environment eco-friendly.

  • Use old tin cans to make lovely flower pots. It does not ask for much work to be done. Just clean the cans by immersing them in soap water and dry them in sunlight or air dry. Once done spray each can with one color and place planters. You can hang them in your patio.
  • You may use old purses that are not in use right now. Place small planters that the purse can hold and hanging on the wall. To keep the purse steady, place a cardboard at the back of the purse, it will hold the planters.
  • Your old tea pots need not reach the garbage anymore. If they have pretty designs intact on them, you can put them to use. You may use them as diy flower pots. Once the tea pots lid is lost or broken, the teapot becomes useless in the kitchen. But, with a little effort, you can use it as a real vase to plant flowers.
  • The old tires are commonly seen in every house that has automobiles. Instead of dumping them in a corner, clean the old tires spray each tire with different colors and place the tires as two or three in a set or separately and enjoy having different planters.