DIY map art is a beautiful and amazing way to decorate any room. Maps remind us of our home, the place that gives us a secured feel and we know who we are. It reminds us of amazing places that are breathtaking and is worth discovering. It symbolizes adventure as they appear beautiful. Making such maps look beautiful in the hallway and bedroom. They form gorgeous inspiration pieces.

DIY map art supplies required are:

  • Map, putty knife, board or frame, box cutter, paint, spray bottle with vinegar, putty knife, paint brush, mod podge, foam brush, frog tape and sharpies.
  • From a thrift store buy a wood frame. To make a personal diy map art, bring out some serious stuff of map pictures. Slap white paint few thin coats, leaving the areas free for the map.
  • As the first step, trim the map carefully. Find the longitudinal line, measure to ensure lines centered on the frame. Use frog tape and tape it in place. Start in the middle, and use a long board.
  • Use the foam brush to the back of the item and spread Mod podge to the surface you are affixing. There may be some air bubbles or folds if the maps are old. Work using plaster of Paris or paste to stick.

When done and allow it to dry and then add some personal touches. If required you can print a quote and arrange it on the map art. Use a pencil or pen to trace letters and press hard so that you do not miss a line. The outline will get transferred, now fill the letters using a black sharpie and color that you want. Here is the diy map art finished project and you can hang it or pin this project. Thus change the look of the wall.