Diy monogram planter receives good response as the initials are huge. This is a fantastic idea and appropriate work to be done as diy for creative minds. The options are endless and you can have fun things done for the festive or holiday season.

Materials required are cedar for the sides, front, planter slats, back of the letter, brad nails, wood glue, 18 gauge sheet, flowers, saw and the mix.

Depending on your initials, the materials quantity may vary. If one of the alphabets is really large, it will require more planters. The big alphabet must have a base of 1 x 12’. Place the planters neatly completing the sides and you can use 1 x 4 cedar pieces. Cedar is chosen as it stays fresh. Use compound miter saw as it helps in cutting easily. Diy monogram planter looks exceptionally beautiful on completion, but requires lot of patience and cuts.

For the front pieces keep 1 x 3’ and include lots of cuts. To the inside use 1x 6 cedar and complete the inside planter, secure it using brad nails. Drill small holes so that water gets drained properly. Finally, you can hang it on the outside ceiling by screwing it into the siding directly using long screws.

Remember, watering them the first time is sure to be a bit of mess with dirt pouring out, but later everything is just fine. In fact, watering once in three days is more than enough to keep the flowers alive and fresh looking.

Undoubtedly, diy monogram planter looks appealing to viewers, but is a bit complicated, if you are not adept with using the saw and doing intricate cuts. The options are brainstorming. You can fill the monogram with fake or real flowers; the choice is entirely yours, depending on your convenience and time.