Are you storing your nail polish or have you lost your favorite nail polish? Is it lying in one of your shelves or container tossed mindlessly? If so, remember to look beautiful, you also need to take good care of your things. Keep your nail polish in an organized manner. If you have a large collection of bottles, it is time you consider a proper place to store it or make a diy nail rack; it will serve the right purpose.

A purposeful diy nail rack is essential if you have many colors or else it may fill a complete shelf of your bathroom closet. Digging through many bottles can be avoided if you have a nail rack. It looks organized and you can pick your choice with ease.

Considering a diy rack need not be expensive. You can keep it cost-effective by buying a cheap acrylic garbage rack or considering making handmade wooden rack. If you find these less appealing, consider a simple rack. It is easy.

All you require is wood in 1” by 2” for the sides of the shelves. Just having a width of 1” by 2” depth is enough to fit the bottles perfectly and it is also weight less. This can be decorated at the trims so that the shelf holds the bottles from falling down. Use plain wood.

The other materials required are wood glue, screws, dry wall anchors to offer support, sand paper to make the wood smooth before painting, measure the levels, hand saw to cut as per the measures and paint to spray paint the wood. Simple steps to nail rack:

  • Cut wood to suit the shelf length.
  • Lay the wood on even surface, measure the required distance for the shelves and ensure it is evenly spaced.
  • Screw the wood shelf pieces. Screw everything on one side and move to the other side to have a level.
  • Glue and screw wood to the front the trim pieces on the shelves.
  • Fill the screw holes with sand and paint.
  • Hanging hooks to be screwed on the top corners and hang it.