DIY paper bow tie can be done using crepe paper. These ties are ideal for parties. You need out to lay crepe paper and fold to approximately 4” long the crepe paper and keep wrapping it around without cutting it until you get it around 5 to 6 times. This keeps the bow tie sturdy and it is essential to have it sturdy so that it holds the shape of the bow.

DIY paper bow tie can be done cutting the crepe paper from a roll and placing it flat on a flat surface such as a table. Cut the crepe paper piece to 5-6” and fold it to half of thirds in length to form a piece and then wrap it around the center.

Scrunch at the center the bow tie and carefully pinch it. However, it will not hold the pinch completely, but will certainly hold the mark as you get your strip around the wrap.

Wrap the strip cautiously enveloping the pinched center and continue going around the bow tie. This should be done until you the crepe paper is used completely or you can stop if the wrapped one appears enough.

Take clear tape in a small piece and tape the crepe paper end strip on the bow tie back side. Pull the bow tie ends few times and slowly puff it up. Once you see it appears full you are done with the bow tie.

Paper bow tie in crepe paper does not take more than a couple of minutes and they also look perfect. In fact, it works cost-effective as you can make nearly 30 bow ties using a $1 roll crepe paper.

DIY paper bow tie looks perfect and if required you may attach a bamboo skewer with a tape piece to the back of the bow tie.