DIY terrariums are ideal ways to spruce your home. They do not ask much space, besides are easy and quick to make. They add a whimsical quality to your space. Terrariums are easy to care for and any inept gardening also is assured of success.

Building DIY terrariums takes only few minutes and you can inject plenty of individual style and creativity. This is a wonderful project as gifts for a birthday or housewarming party. Bear in mind, smaller sized items look perfect with limited plants. Here are some creative diy ideas:

  • You can use anything a vase, jar, glass/cup, bowl, lamp, lightbulb, carafe, pitcher, teapot, pepper and salt shakers, jug and lantern.
  • The terrarium plants suitable are the one that tolerate moderate or low light. People creating closed terrarium, select plants that survive in humid conditions. The fact is that the terrarium plants must survive in a close area and should not outgrow the space.
  • The favorite terrarium plants are cacti, succulents, thyme, ferns, ivy, moss, sedum, aloe, baby’s tears and creeping fig.

Making of Terrarium

Items required are stones or pebbles, glass container, potting soil, activated charcoal and plants.

  • Cover the bottom with stones or pebbles for an inch or two. The drainage holes are not there, but this layer assures excess water does not sit inside.
  • Put activated charcoal as a thin layer on the stones so that mold and bacterial does not develop.
  • Add potion soil for an inch or two. The layers should be around ¼ of the terrarium size. The soils are different for different plants. Cacti or succulents are desert types and if you wish to plant them, get suitable soils labeled for them.
  • Place plants artistically and you can add stones or decorative shells. This is purely optional for the diy terrariums.