DIYer’s are fond of wine cork crafts and this is because it is the easiest and fun DIY projects. DIY wine cork crafts are highly versatile and they are great crafts a home décor and kids crafts. There are simple most things that can be done with the wine cork. There is no shortage in any house for the wine corks.

  • Cut a wine cork or use it as it is. Just cut a space in between right enough to fit a USB flash drive. This will look super cute and serves the right purpose.
  • DIY wine cork crafts are mostly inexpensive. You can cut them into round pieces and turn these corks into pendants. You just have to nail it on the top to fix a chain clip so that it can be worn as pendant.
  • Collect some dark and light wine corks and place 5 beside each other and glue it tight. Take another set of 5 wine corks and cut them into half. stick one half to one end above the five corks and the next set of half cut wine corks to the other end of the 5 wine corks. Allow them to dry and they will be one of the best coasters.
  • Using wine corks make a beautiful DIY bathmat. You will need good looking wine corks that are not cracked or broken for this diy wine cork crafts. You can place them in 5 to 7 rows depending on the size you need. This diy bathmat using wine corks looks fabulous.
  • The wine corks are easy to cut and so use them to slit the cork from the center and make space to fit your cheese knife handles. You can use a simple knife to slit. These wine cork cheese knife handles look perfect and are easy to hold.