Do you visit the yarn or craft store or you do not know to knit or crochet. You need not knit sweaters or get into huge knitting projects, but as beautiful diy yarn crafts, you can use these beautiful soft colors and ensure these fluffy textures adorn your home.

The yarn crafts are in plenty to make and there is no need to manipulate a crochet hook or knitting needles to make things beautiful. There are simple diy yarn crafts that can be done easily such as you can wrap the yarn and offer a new makeover. Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • You can wrap wreaths with varying shades or even consider single shade or yarn texture. This can be hung on the wall as a décor or even can be put on the outdoors with a welcome written on them.
  • The Styrofoam balls that look plain can be transformed into decorative accents by merely wrapping yarn on them.
  • You can also wrap a tall base or a glass bowl with colorful yarns and place flowers. They are sure to look striking.
  • Make pretty monograms and add flair to recycled cans, bottles and glass vases. Large letters wrapped in yarns look beautiful.
  • Wrap hurricanes with few strands of yarn, avoiding covering the complete surface and thus create a beautiful look and allow the light to shine between the glass and strands.
  • Make pretty home décor accents by wrapping only the center of recycled jars and bottles. These can be done just in few minutes.
  • Make your dull photo frame sharp and crisp by wrapping a single color yarn on the frame surface. If you like color splashes, use yarns in multiple colors and blend the photo frame. You can add few beads to offer additional texture element to the diy yarn crafts.