Photo booth has gained most importance that no event or party is considered complete without a photo booth. They are a fun addition and a fascinating way to capture memories.

Renting an old-time booth or even hiring a company to run a photo booth is a nice option. Creating a diy photo booth is possible and this can be done using the electronics that are around your house for instance printer, digital camera, computer and phone. Your photo books become perfect, if you have some custom photo props. To begin with:

Consider the lights to be placed near the camera so that it reduces shadows. If possible allow the light to bounce out of a white umbrella.
Provide awesome background. Tape some paper or fabric to the wall and it is enough if it covers 5 feet high and 8-10 feet wide. Borrowing or renting paper and a stand are also suitable options.
Sync the light and the camera. As you just need one light to be kept close to the camera, you may use the free sync cord coming with the light.
Set the camera at focus points so that you are able to maximize the sharp shots.
Using a 50mm lens is enough to cover the fabric background. For a larger background, you may need wider lens. In fact, shooting vertically or from farther away, you can experiment with interesting options.
Ensure the costumes and props are included. You may handle the diy photo booth yourself or allow your guests to handle the camera. You can also buy a wireless remote now available to sue as they are more reliable and robust.

diy photo booth requires simple things, yet ensure you have extension cords ready. If possible bring your light stand and tripod in a bag. Without fail stick on the camera back “Please Do Not Touch” sign.