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DIY Hutch Ideas For Your Home Decor

If your kitchen is too small to become the island of your dreams, don’t take it to heart! There are vistas to enter and search brilliant ideas to convert even a smaller kitchen into a lovely, space-offering and neat point in your home. All you can do just by adding more cabinetry to the place.

Yes, with little effort and expense, you can prepare a DIY hutch at home mostly out of the objects lying in your store purposelessly. It will not spoil the look or create massive appearance; instead, it can even more beautify the square. Your DIY hutch might become the most magnetic pull and an inspiration for your guests.

Every kitchen has space enough to be redesigned. Start the redesigning to solve the space dilemma and create finished appearance by adding a DIY hutch into the overall setting.

First of all, you need to measure how much space on floor and walls is available for this project, so that you may pick up the wall and floor point where it will look perfectly suitable. Corners are always ideal to fix storage items like cabinets, shelves, etc, so think in both ways.

After you have decided a place through measurement, let some of your smartest friends or family member to suggest you whether you are right or things can be even better! When everything has done and the points have been decided to begin the project of a DIY hutch, the next step is inspiration.

Sit in front of your computer and open up lots of hutch designs to find out the most suitable for your place. Next, be more serious with your project and collect all the tools and needs for the start. Follow the steps given by the designer and you will, at last, accomplish a marvelous home-made hutch for your kitchen to boost its beauty and storage simultaneously.

Amazing DIY Yarn Crafts Ideas

Do you visit the yarn or craft store or you do not know to knit or crochet. You need not knit sweaters or get into huge knitting projects, but as beautiful diy yarn crafts, you can use these beautiful soft colors and ensure these fluffy textures adorn your home.

The yarn crafts are in plenty to make and there is no need to manipulate a crochet hook or knitting needles to make things beautiful. There are simple diy yarn crafts that can be done easily such as you can wrap the yarn and offer a new makeover. Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • You can wrap wreaths with varying shades or even consider single shade or yarn texture. This can be hung on the wall as a décor or even can be put on the outdoors with a welcome written on them.
  • The Styrofoam balls that look plain can be transformed into decorative accents by merely wrapping yarn on them.
  • You can also wrap a tall base or a glass bowl with colorful yarns and place flowers. They are sure to look striking.
  • Make pretty monograms and add flair to recycled cans, bottles and glass vases. Large letters wrapped in yarns look beautiful.
  • Wrap hurricanes with few strands of yarn, avoiding covering the complete surface and thus create a beautiful look and allow the light to shine between the glass and strands.
  • Make pretty home décor accents by wrapping only the center of recycled jars and bottles. These can be done just in few minutes.
  • Make your dull photo frame sharp and crisp by wrapping a single color yarn on the frame surface. If you like color splashes, use yarns in multiple colors and blend the photo frame. You can add few beads to offer additional texture element to the diy yarn crafts.

Coolest Wine Cork Crafts And DIY Decorating Projects

DIYer’s are fond of wine cork crafts and this is because it is the easiest and fun DIY projects. DIY wine cork crafts are highly versatile and they are great crafts a home décor and kids crafts. There are simple most things that can be done with the wine cork. There is no shortage in any house for the wine corks.

  • Cut a wine cork or use it as it is. Just cut a space in between right enough to fit a USB flash drive. This will look super cute and serves the right purpose.
  • DIY wine cork crafts are mostly inexpensive. You can cut them into round pieces and turn these corks into pendants. You just have to nail it on the top to fix a chain clip so that it can be worn as pendant.
  • Collect some dark and light wine corks and place 5 beside each other and glue it tight. Take another set of 5 wine corks and cut them into half. stick one half to one end above the five corks and the next set of half cut wine corks to the other end of the 5 wine corks. Allow them to dry and they will be one of the best coasters.
  • Using wine corks make a beautiful DIY bathmat. You will need good looking wine corks that are not cracked or broken for this diy wine cork crafts. You can place them in 5 to 7 rows depending on the size you need. This diy bathmat using wine corks looks fabulous.
  • The wine corks are easy to cut and so use them to slit the cork from the center and make space to fit your cheese knife handles. You can use a simple knife to slit. These wine cork cheese knife handles look perfect and are easy to hold.

DIY Colorful Terrarium Ideas

DIY terrariums are ideal ways to spruce your home. They do not ask much space, besides are easy and quick to make. They add a whimsical quality to your space. Terrariums are easy to care for and any inept gardening also is assured of success.

Building DIY terrariums takes only few minutes and you can inject plenty of individual style and creativity. This is a wonderful project as gifts for a birthday or housewarming party. Bear in mind, smaller sized items look perfect with limited plants. Here are some creative diy ideas:

  • You can use anything a vase, jar, glass/cup, bowl, lamp, lightbulb, carafe, pitcher, teapot, pepper and salt shakers, jug and lantern.
  • The terrarium plants suitable are the one that tolerate moderate or low light. People creating closed terrarium, select plants that survive in humid conditions. The fact is that the terrarium plants must survive in a close area and should not outgrow the space.
  • The favorite terrarium plants are cacti, succulents, thyme, ferns, ivy, moss, sedum, aloe, baby’s tears and creeping fig.

Making of Terrarium

Items required are stones or pebbles, glass container, potting soil, activated charcoal and plants.

  • Cover the bottom with stones or pebbles for an inch or two. The drainage holes are not there, but this layer assures excess water does not sit inside.
  • Put activated charcoal as a thin layer on the stones so that mold and bacterial does not develop.
  • Add potion soil for an inch or two. The layers should be around ¼ of the terrarium size. The soils are different for different plants. Cacti or succulents are desert types and if you wish to plant them, get suitable soils labeled for them.
  • Place plants artistically and you can add stones or decorative shells. This is purely optional for the diy terrariums.

Inspiration To Make DIY TeePee

Diy teepee is the favorite of your kids. They just love it and you can make a cute tent for them to retreat with toys or books, it would be real fun. it requires one to be creative to make a teepee by yourself. Only excitement will not help, if you wish to offer your kid this adorable addition as room décor for your kid.

Teepee Supplies:

  • 6×9′ canvas drop cloth
  • 3/8″ sisal rope
  • 4 1¾’x6′ poplar dowels
  • 3 washers and 3 screws

Additional Supplies:

  • Lighter, scissors and drill


  • Cut the rope in a large length and burn the end. Drill at 5” a hole in the first pole. String the rope and tie a knot at the pole.
  • Create faux teepee and check if they are stable. Keep the front wider by using 4 poles and keep the back narrow.
  • Wrap all the poles after drilling a hole to stabilize the poles. Drill hole after testing if the place is right to feed rope and also to wrap it.
  • Wrap under and over the teepee several items.
  • Open the cloth and drop horizontally at the middle. Drape it from the teepee back and secure it at the teepee top at the poles meeting point with a screw.
  • Add a washer to the screw by drilling a hole on the pole and insert screw through the pole and fabric.
  • Drape the Diy teepee fabric around the sides naturally and tuck the excess fabric under the floor giving a tight and uniform look. Adjust your poles using a screw to secure the fabric.

Create a diy teepee that would show durability and stand the test of time. The advantage is that it is easily foldable and can be stowed or also taken outdoors.

Make A DIY Photo Booth Frame Easily

Photo booth has gained most importance that no event or party is considered complete without a photo booth. They are a fun addition and a fascinating way to capture memories.

Renting an old-time booth or even hiring a company to run a photo booth is a nice option. Creating a diy photo booth is possible and this can be done using the electronics that are around your house for instance printer, digital camera, computer and phone. Your photo books become perfect, if you have some custom photo props. To begin with:

Consider the lights to be placed near the camera so that it reduces shadows. If possible allow the light to bounce out of a white umbrella.
Provide awesome background. Tape some paper or fabric to the wall and it is enough if it covers 5 feet high and 8-10 feet wide. Borrowing or renting paper and a stand are also suitable options.
Sync the light and the camera. As you just need one light to be kept close to the camera, you may use the free sync cord coming with the light.
Set the camera at focus points so that you are able to maximize the sharp shots.
Using a 50mm lens is enough to cover the fabric background. For a larger background, you may need wider lens. In fact, shooting vertically or from farther away, you can experiment with interesting options.
Ensure the costumes and props are included. You may handle the diy photo booth yourself or allow your guests to handle the camera. You can also buy a wireless remote now available to sue as they are more reliable and robust.

diy photo booth requires simple things, yet ensure you have extension cords ready. If possible bring your light stand and tripod in a bag. Without fail stick on the camera back “Please Do Not Touch” sign.

DIY Map Art Ideas For Map Lovers

DIY map art is a beautiful and amazing way to decorate any room. Maps remind us of our home, the place that gives us a secured feel and we know who we are. It reminds us of amazing places that are breathtaking and is worth discovering. It symbolizes adventure as they appear beautiful. Making such maps look beautiful in the hallway and bedroom. They form gorgeous inspiration pieces.

DIY map art supplies required are:

  • Map, putty knife, board or frame, box cutter, paint, spray bottle with vinegar, putty knife, paint brush, mod podge, foam brush, frog tape and sharpies.
  • From a thrift store buy a wood frame. To make a personal diy map art, bring out some serious stuff of map pictures. Slap white paint few thin coats, leaving the areas free for the map.
  • As the first step, trim the map carefully. Find the longitudinal line, measure to ensure lines centered on the frame. Use frog tape and tape it in place. Start in the middle, and use a long board.
  • Use the foam brush to the back of the item and spread Mod podge to the surface you are affixing. There may be some air bubbles or folds if the maps are old. Work using plaster of Paris or paste to stick.

When done and allow it to dry and then add some personal touches. If required you can print a quote and arrange it on the map art. Use a pencil or pen to trace letters and press hard so that you do not miss a line. The outline will get transferred, now fill the letters using a black sharpie and color that you want. Here is the diy map art finished project and you can hang it or pin this project. Thus change the look of the wall.

Easy And Creative DIY Furniture Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

The best thing to be creative is with diy furniture hacks. You can do things with old items lying around. It is no surprise that your furniture favorite pieces can be put to use as something else. There are unbelievable cool ideas that are best shared with you. Right from improvised seating and shelving to outdoor benches and lamps, you can consider DIY furniture hacks as they are impressive. There may be pieces lying around you home and in case you do not find any, pick it from thrift stores or garage sales for cheap prices. Upcycle and repurpose things so that it makes awesome home décor today.

To begin with transform 2 dining chairs into a bench. These dining room chairs are already cozy and so they can be transformed into beautiful benches with ease. This may be appropriate indoor or outdoor. If you consider it looks old, just paint the pieces and give it a refreshed new look.

Once family settles and kids grow up, you will notice that your kids crib is of no use and merely occupies space. Moreover, if you do not intend throwing it out as it is in good shape and there are none in your family or friends circle to use this crib, it is the right time to transform the same into a small craft table. Your little one is sure to love a personal craft table. Make sure you personalize it.

Most houses have moved away from the antique TVs with cabinets and it is barely found anymore. In case, you happen to find it, buy it and make use of its solid wood structures and ensure to make diy furniture hacks. These help in storing and accommodating the best of the things and keeps things really secure as the cabinets are sturdy.

Creative DIY Computer Desk Ideas For Your Home

The computer desk in any office space is very important and especially when you work from home, it should be truly comfortable and functional. If you do not have one consider diy computer desk. These desks in the market are expensive when it is made using quality wood and has storage units or is ergonomic and adjustable. You need not spend lots, if you can do with some crafting work and creativity, you can suit your quality and budget computer desk. Making your own computer desk is the best to fit your needs.

DIY computer desk ideas can be budget friendly. These can be done using simple pallet wood or even from your old furniture. The computer desks are sure to help you in building your smart computer desk and it adds beauty to your room, besides the comfort feel and the freshness to the person working on it.

You may consider doing computer desk using two bookshelves. Bring together two bookshelves very close such that it will offer space to store and work as a computer desk. This will offer enough space and look perfectly organized. If you find the bookshelves to be old, use sand paper give a smooth finish apply varnish and dark color brown paint. Allow it to dry for 48 hours and it will look new. You can start using it as a computer desk.

If you have some pallets lying in the garage, you may use it or bring pallets that are in table size and make it a computer desk. These can be nailed together easily to form a computer desk. Ensure the pallet ends are smooth and give a good coat of paint. The pallet transformed into DIY computer desk is sturdy and has enough space to keep your computer and other accessories.

12 Canvas Painting Ideas You Can Easily DIY

DIY Canvas painting can be done on your blank walls. It will look wonderful with art works and paintings. Paintings bought and hung on the walls are impersonal and do not say anything about the home owners taste. To give a real dose of personality to your home, consider canvas printing. The canvas painting on your wall is fun and simple. It does not require great skills and can be taken as a weekend project. To begin with:

  • Dip you kid’s hands in paint and fill a small wall piece with colored hand prints. Ensure they are in good combination colors, it will look amazing and the warmth spreads all over the house as it has your kid’s lovely hand prints.
  • You can make use of instruments that are at home such as leaves, lemons, corn, balloons, anything for that matter. Do not stop the paint brush. Try spray painting or use your hands. The important aspect is to transform your work into a sweet memory and to have fun.
  • Painting words such as smile or love in different colors or on a background patch done in different color also ensure your DIY canvas painting is at its best.
  • Use fruits and cut it into half and dip it in different colors and put it on the canvas. This canvas painting looks amazing. It is also a simple work and can be done effortlessly.
  • Draw a leaf or take a leaf and dip it in colors and put it on the canvas. It will look perfect.
    Just try hand painting of your family members on the canvas. Involve everyone in the family to give their family print, so that it will overlap one another and in different colors look cute. It looks pleasing anytime you see the DIY canvas painting.
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