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12+ Creative DIY Key Holders For Your Home

Key holders are a must as it is common with everyone to keep looking for keys. To have easy access of keys, key holders are required. This is more important for people who have the habit of placing their keys everywhere and in urgency are unable to locate the keys. Here are some beautiful diy key holders that are interesting and you never need to search your keys.

Keys are important as they include your office, home, car, garage keys and lots more. It is disastrous to lose them and so considering placing the keys safely becomes mandatory. Here are few interesting and attractive diy key holders that are simple to make and can be cherished lifelong.

Have a vintage photo frame, put it into use. Use the frame as key holder. You just need few small hooks to hold your keys. It looks beautiful in this setting. The requirement is simple just fee hooks and a frame. Do it when you are free and keep your keys secured.
Another key holder idea that is cool is done using magnets. Most keys stick to magnet. You may use leftover wood piece. Just drill a hole on the wood backside. Insert magnets with appropriate thickness to hold your keys. Drop glue one drop to hold the magnets in place. Hang this key holder and your keys are interestingly in one place.
Old door knobs are always there in each home. Give a retro approach by placing the old door knobs on a board. Place it on the nearby wall or the entry of a lobby. These knobs are ideal to hold keys even of big sizes, your purse and coat as well. These diy key holders are very handy and beautiful solution from a decorative view point to implement.

Personalize Your Home With A Monogram Planter Today

Diy monogram planter receives good response as the initials are huge. This is a fantastic idea and appropriate work to be done as diy for creative minds. The options are endless and you can have fun things done for the festive or holiday season.

Materials required are cedar for the sides, front, planter slats, back of the letter, brad nails, wood glue, 18 gauge sheet, flowers, saw and the mix.

Depending on your initials, the materials quantity may vary. If one of the alphabets is really large, it will require more planters. The big alphabet must have a base of 1 x 12’. Place the planters neatly completing the sides and you can use 1 x 4 cedar pieces. Cedar is chosen as it stays fresh. Use compound miter saw as it helps in cutting easily. Diy monogram planter looks exceptionally beautiful on completion, but requires lot of patience and cuts.

For the front pieces keep 1 x 3’ and include lots of cuts. To the inside use 1x 6 cedar and complete the inside planter, secure it using brad nails. Drill small holes so that water gets drained properly. Finally, you can hang it on the outside ceiling by screwing it into the siding directly using long screws.

Remember, watering them the first time is sure to be a bit of mess with dirt pouring out, but later everything is just fine. In fact, watering once in three days is more than enough to keep the flowers alive and fresh looking.

Undoubtedly, diy monogram planter looks appealing to viewers, but is a bit complicated, if you are not adept with using the saw and doing intricate cuts. The options are brainstorming. You can fill the monogram with fake or real flowers; the choice is entirely yours, depending on your convenience and time.

Modern DIY Nail Polish Rack Ideas – Every Girl’s Dream

Are you storing your nail polish or have you lost your favorite nail polish? Is it lying in one of your shelves or container tossed mindlessly? If so, remember to look beautiful, you also need to take good care of your things. Keep your nail polish in an organized manner. If you have a large collection of bottles, it is time you consider a proper place to store it or make a diy nail rack; it will serve the right purpose.

A purposeful diy nail rack is essential if you have many colors or else it may fill a complete shelf of your bathroom closet. Digging through many bottles can be avoided if you have a nail rack. It looks organized and you can pick your choice with ease.

Considering a diy rack need not be expensive. You can keep it cost-effective by buying a cheap acrylic garbage rack or considering making handmade wooden rack. If you find these less appealing, consider a simple rack. It is easy.

All you require is wood in 1” by 2” for the sides of the shelves. Just having a width of 1” by 2” depth is enough to fit the bottles perfectly and it is also weight less. This can be decorated at the trims so that the shelf holds the bottles from falling down. Use plain wood.

The other materials required are wood glue, screws, dry wall anchors to offer support, sand paper to make the wood smooth before painting, measure the levels, hand saw to cut as per the measures and paint to spray paint the wood. Simple steps to nail rack:

  • Cut wood to suit the shelf length.
  • Lay the wood on even surface, measure the required distance for the shelves and ensure it is evenly spaced.
  • Screw the wood shelf pieces. Screw everything on one side and move to the other side to have a level.
  • Glue and screw wood to the front the trim pieces on the shelves.
  • Fill the screw holes with sand and paint.
  • Hanging hooks to be screwed on the top corners and hang it.

Best DIY Paper Bow Tie Ideas

DIY paper bow tie can be done using crepe paper. These ties are ideal for parties. You need out to lay crepe paper and fold to approximately 4” long the crepe paper and keep wrapping it around without cutting it until you get it around 5 to 6 times. This keeps the bow tie sturdy and it is essential to have it sturdy so that it holds the shape of the bow.

DIY paper bow tie can be done cutting the crepe paper from a roll and placing it flat on a flat surface such as a table. Cut the crepe paper piece to 5-6” and fold it to half of thirds in length to form a piece and then wrap it around the center.

Scrunch at the center the bow tie and carefully pinch it. However, it will not hold the pinch completely, but will certainly hold the mark as you get your strip around the wrap.

Wrap the strip cautiously enveloping the pinched center and continue going around the bow tie. This should be done until you the crepe paper is used completely or you can stop if the wrapped one appears enough.

Take clear tape in a small piece and tape the crepe paper end strip on the bow tie back side. Pull the bow tie ends few times and slowly puff it up. Once you see it appears full you are done with the bow tie.

Paper bow tie in crepe paper does not take more than a couple of minutes and they also look perfect. In fact, it works cost-effective as you can make nearly 30 bow ties using a $1 roll crepe paper.

DIY paper bow tie looks perfect and if required you may attach a bamboo skewer with a tape piece to the back of the bow tie.

12 DIY Paper Flower Crafts And Projects

Flowers are loved by most people and this is the reason people have pots, plants and bushes in their small or big places. Having pots, plants alone is not enough; one has to pay good attention and water to keep them living. However, if one lacks time and knowledge about taking care of flowers, you can opt for diy paper flower.

There are many advantages of paper flowers. It can be used as a decorative piece and also as multi-purpose center piece arranged in wooden crates. The diy paper flower project is simple and requires easily available materials. It can be crafted using basic materials. These paper flowers are special as it really takes more time to complete and give perfect appearance.

Paper flowers can be perfectly replaced for real or silk flowers. In fact, these are practical options as they are done by hands and take few hours to complete. The cost is low and this is the reason it is considered for events to hold the budget. Paper florists are also not common and this confirms why paper flowers are appreciated.

Real flowers are the first choice of most brides and are easily available from florists and are expensive. Actually the real flowers appear great in photographs, yet many opt for paper flowers as they are affordable prepared using simple materials such as embellishments and paper. Of course, time is spent more on crafting them, yet they are affordable.

Different types of paper can be used to make diy paper flower and they come in a wide range of colors. If you’re looking for a specific color, chances are there is a type of paper that can match it. There are different types of flowers and it is perfectly customizable. You may decide and place the order in advance.

12 DIY Sunglasses Holders To Keep Your Sunnies Organized

With the onset of summer, all the wonderful activities such as going site seeing, beach, vacation or even driving to your preferred restaurant becomes important. Regardless of the occasion, you need protection as the sun is sure to shine bright. With this, comes the need for sunglasses and to avoid searching it there is a need for a diy sunglasses holder.

The benefit of diy sunglasses holder is that it really is easy to make and can be done over any weekend. Having a sunglasses holder to hold more sunglasses is also helpful. The choice is entirely yours; you can design to hold less or more. Cut the dowel rods longer if you have bigger sunglasses. Most sunglasses fit perfectly on 1 and half inch dowel rod.

Supplies for DIY Sunglasses Holder

  • 3 Dowel Rod Caps
  • 1 ½ inch Dowel Rods
  • Foam Brush
  • 3 Wooden Slabs
  • Scissors, Paint, pliers, chain, awl
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Jump rings
  • Glue sticks and hot glue gun
  • Xyron Creative Lite Station
  • Paint wooden slab for DIY sunglasses holder

Steps to sunglasses holder

  • Paint the wooden slabs, dowel rod caps and dowel rods. After painting, set it to dry.
  • Lay the wooden slab on the scrapbooking paper, trace it and cut the paper piece of it.
  • Repeat the same for two more times.
  • Grab the scrapbooking paper pieces and run through Xyron Creative Lite Station. as the paper passes through the machine, rub on the Xyron sticker paper and remove the backing and add to the wooden slab.
  • Poke holes using the awl at the bottom and top of the wooden slabs and poke holes only at the top for the third slab.
  • Attach the rings through the holes, grab the chain. Repeat the same 3 times more.
  • Once you have chained, slide them to close the jump ring.

Now hang your sunglasses to the diy sunglasses holder.

12 Fun DIY Paper Towel Holders Ideas

Do you wish to have some free space in the kitchen and are considering buying a paper towel holder to be placed under cabinet. Some get it designed exactly for their kitchens and some failed to do it. While some forgot to include it into their plan and the truth is that there is a need for towel holder in the kitchen. A paper towel holder is also appreciated as it serves the purpose.

Having a paper towel holder in your kitchen underneath any of the cabinets provides more kitchen space. Having this installed means it is fixed and cannot be positioned elsewhere. But it is helpful as you can use the required paper towels anytime.

Another great advantage of having the towel holder beneath a cabinet prevents accidents. In case a free standing holder is put on the counter and if some liquid accidentally spills on the counter, the risk of ruining the complete roll of paper towels is more. Thus having it positioned beneath the cabinet helps and is easy to access the paper towels, besides it is kept hidden preventing eyesores. The paper towel holders are not expensive and are best planned while planning for cabinets.

These reasons outline the real reasons to have the paper towel holder in place under the cabinet. This keeps the paper roll safe from falling and also you make appropriate use, not unnecessary use. Actually, fixing a paper towel holder under the kitchen cabinet does not take much effort or time. In fact, it helps the kitchen to a great extent from getting cluttered. There are real benefits and so considering buying on to place under the cabinet is best as it offers the required convenience. You can buy a lighter material towel holder that is strong and meets your purpose

Diy Flower Pots For An Amazing Outdoor Decor

Flower planters and pots are the favorite of most people, regardless of the space one has. One thing is straight that all of us know that party decorating is costly. You can try your hand using vintage things. These vintage items can be your tin cans or old tires to be your diy flower pots.

There are incredible ideas you turn vintage things into beautiful and amazing flower planters and pots. These are cheap and simple to make. Here are few ideas of diy flower pots to follow and decorate your surroundings. In this way, you can keep your environment eco-friendly.

  • Use old tin cans to make lovely flower pots. It does not ask for much work to be done. Just clean the cans by immersing them in soap water and dry them in sunlight or air dry. Once done spray each can with one color and place planters. You can hang them in your patio.
  • You may use old purses that are not in use right now. Place small planters that the purse can hold and hanging on the wall. To keep the purse steady, place a cardboard at the back of the purse, it will hold the planters.
  • Your old tea pots need not reach the garbage anymore. If they have pretty designs intact on them, you can put them to use. You may use them as diy flower pots. Once the tea pots lid is lost or broken, the teapot becomes useless in the kitchen. But, with a little effort, you can use it as a real vase to plant flowers.
  • The old tires are commonly seen in every house that has automobiles. Instead of dumping them in a corner, clean the old tires spray each tire with different colors and place the tires as two or three in a set or separately and enjoy having different planters.

DIY Personalized Cups Ideas

Buying or gifting personalized diy cups are a way of making your loved ones feel truly connected. You can buy pre-made mugs and they are easily available online now, but if you wish to gift to your love, your parents or even your friends, you can make it special with handmade cups.

Actually making diy cups is eco-friendly and also inexpensive project. These add to the benefit as they are dishwasher safe. Begin by collecting plain white cups or mugs. The plain cups come for less and so initiate the first step with this purchase.

The next step is to get the supplies such as:

  1. Pen
  2. scissors
  3. Print out of the initials
  4. Black Pebeo Porcelaine Pen with fine point
  5. Graphite transfer paper
  6. tape

The third step is to cut out the initials in the transfer papers and tape the initial on the cups. Trace the initials perfectly using a pencil or pen and you just require a outline in light shade. You can rub a graphite pencil over a plain paper sheet.

The fourth step is to take out the Porecelaine pen and to work on the initials trace lines. Make the edges thick and nice and fill it with sketchy diagonal strokes. Few important tips:

  • Keep the strokes in one direction, it looks best.
  • Check the Porcelaine pen and ensure it offers smooth strokes.
  • Test the paint pen, so keep a blank paper handy. This practice helps

Once done with the initials allow the cups for 24 hours to sit in a corner as the fifth step. This has to be baked for 35 minutes at 300 degrees. Use graphite residue to bake. You will notice that the graphite gets wiped off after the baking is done.

Finally, pull it out of the oven, wipe them, fill it with goodies and your diy cups are ready.

Handcrafted Wine Bottle Holder

Wine lovers who also adore wine are sure to appreciate their accessories such as wine bottle holder. Wine holders appear great at the counters and also are an intriguing way of displaying favorite wine bottles. Such wine holders are great for holidays such as Christmas celebrations. You can ensure holiday-theme on such bottle holders and it is sure to be appreciated by family members and friends.

If your home has wooden accents, you can find wine bottle holders in different sizes and shapes. There are metal wine bottle holders coming in different creatures shapes such as crabs, cats and dogs. It may be appreciated by people who love animals and wine. There are sport bottle holders and this may be loved by your golfer friend as it represents his sport and his love for wine.

Wine is enjoyed by most people and it shows no waning sings. In fact, it is a sign of good life. Thus people loving good wine need to show it by having the favorite wine bottle holder. This reveals the excellence of the owners taste and it provides an elegant and sophisticated look of your taste for the aesthetic sense.

Remember the wine bottle holders are not meant for long term or permanent storage for the wines collection. Regardless of how beautifully designed or sturdy the holder is, it does not serve as a wine storage unit. Wines must be stored to retain its taste in optimal temperatures. Nevertheless, the wine holders are equally important.

Find appropriate holders for your wine bottle and this is simple as there are many choices available now. There are several designs available and the styles to choose. Pick the one that grabs your attention. In this way, you can show your vintage wine bottles using the wine bottle holder.

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