Diy teepee is the favorite of your kids. They just love it and you can make a cute tent for them to retreat with toys or books, it would be real fun. it requires one to be creative to make a teepee by yourself. Only excitement will not help, if you wish to offer your kid this adorable addition as room décor for your kid.

Teepee Supplies:

  • 6×9′ canvas drop cloth
  • 3/8″ sisal rope
  • 4 1¾’x6′ poplar dowels
  • 3 washers and 3 screws

Additional Supplies:

  • Lighter, scissors and drill


  • Cut the rope in a large length and burn the end. Drill at 5” a hole in the first pole. String the rope and tie a knot at the pole.
  • Create faux teepee and check if they are stable. Keep the front wider by using 4 poles and keep the back narrow.
  • Wrap all the poles after drilling a hole to stabilize the poles. Drill hole after testing if the place is right to feed rope and also to wrap it.
  • Wrap under and over the teepee several items.
  • Open the cloth and drop horizontally at the middle. Drape it from the teepee back and secure it at the teepee top at the poles meeting point with a screw.
  • Add a washer to the screw by drilling a hole on the pole and insert screw through the pole and fabric.
  • Drape the Diy teepee fabric around the sides naturally and tuck the excess fabric under the floor giving a tight and uniform look. Adjust your poles using a screw to secure the fabric.

Create a diy teepee that would show durability and stand the test of time. The advantage is that it is easily foldable and can be stowed or also taken outdoors.