Key holders are a must as it is common with everyone to keep looking for keys. To have easy access of keys, key holders are required. This is more important for people who have the habit of placing their keys everywhere and in urgency are unable to locate the keys. Here are some beautiful diy key holders that are interesting and you never need to search your keys.

Keys are important as they include your office, home, car, garage keys and lots more. It is disastrous to lose them and so considering placing the keys safely becomes mandatory. Here are few interesting and attractive diy key holders that are simple to make and can be cherished lifelong.

Have a vintage photo frame, put it into use. Use the frame as key holder. You just need few small hooks to hold your keys. It looks beautiful in this setting. The requirement is simple just fee hooks and a frame. Do it when you are free and keep your keys secured.
Another key holder idea that is cool is done using magnets. Most keys stick to magnet. You may use leftover wood piece. Just drill a hole on the wood backside. Insert magnets with appropriate thickness to hold your keys. Drop glue one drop to hold the magnets in place. Hang this key holder and your keys are interestingly in one place.
Old door knobs are always there in each home. Give a retro approach by placing the old door knobs on a board. Place it on the nearby wall or the entry of a lobby. These knobs are ideal to hold keys even of big sizes, your purse and coat as well. These diy key holders are very handy and beautiful solution from a decorative view point to implement.